Does Low-Karat (8K or 10K) Gold Tarnish?

Now this is a question we get a lot.

We’ve been happy to offer 8K and 10K gold pieces since we got into this business. It’s cost-efficient, durable, and hard to tell apart from its 14K and 18K big sisters.

But how long-lasting it, exactly? And the biggest question of all: does it tarnish?

The answer:

All gold that isn’t pure (24K) gold will tarnish under certain conditions. This process is often sped up if you keep your jewelry in sealed, damp places. This is why it isn’t ideal to keep your jewelry in a sealed ziplock plastic.

It’s a good idea to wear your jewelry pieces often. Doing so will help them stay bright and shiny, and keep tarnishing at bay. A polishing cloth is a useful tool that will definitely help maintain its shine. They are very simple to use: simply rub the cloth where tarnish or discoloration has accumulated, and voila!

In our personal experience, 8K and 10K gold pieces still look new after two years and counting, with proper care and maintenance.

Occasionally replating 8K and 10K gold jewelry is also a good idea if it starts to lose its shine.

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