Getting Your Ring Size

You may opt to download a printed version of our ring sizing guide here

Determining your ring size

 Method 1: Measuring a current ring 

1. Get a hold of a ring that perfectly fits your finger of choice. 

2. Using a print-out of this tool, look for the size that matches the inside diameter the closest. This will indicate your ring size. For best results, print our guide on letter-sized bond paper and indicate 100% scaling on your print dialog box 

3. If the ring is in between two sizes, choose the larger size. 

Method 2: Measuring your finger of choice using string

NOTE: A properly sized ring glides comfortably through your finger and snug enough such that it does not fall over the knuckle. Ring sizes vary depending on the time of day, temperature and weather. It’s best to measure in warmer conditions, since fingers expanded in raised temperatures. 

1. Wrap a piece line of thread or a piece of paper around the part of your chosen finger where your ring will be placed (typically behind the knuckle). You need not wrap too tightly.

2. Following the inside diameter or circumference of the string or paper, use the standard size chart below to determine your ring size. 

3. Measure your size several times using this method to eliminate errors. Such materials are flimsy and can yield inaccurate results. So repetition is necessary. 

Standard Ring Sizing Chart

USA/Canada Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) 
14.1 44.2 
3.5 14.5 45.4 
14.9 46.7 
4.5 15.3 48.0 
15.7 49.3 
5.5 16.1 50.6 
16.5 51.9 
6.5 16.9 53.2 
17.3 54.5 
7.5 17.7 55.8 
18.1 57.2 
USA/Canada Diameter (mm)Circumference (mm)
19.0 59.3 
9.5 19.4 61.0 
10 19.8 62.3 
10.5 20.2 63.5 
11 20.6 65.0 
11.5 21.0 66.2 
12 21.4 67.5 
12.5 21.8 68.8 
13 22.2 70.2 
13.5 22.6 71.0 

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