Item Confirmation

Clients are expected to thoroughly read through their order form and order summary to check for their order details. It is the responsibility of the client to inform us if their are any missed or incorrect specifications regarding their order. Any changes or corrections to be made after confirmation is subject to additional charges shouldered by the client.

Shipping Policy

We normally use Lalamove or Grab within Metro Manila and LBC for shipments outside of Metro Manila. The shipping fee is the sole responsibility of the client and will be paid directly to the rider. We will not accept payments for all same-day shipments due to logistical concerns. Please let us know if you’d like to arrange for a different courier option. Note, however, that we cannot guarantee a precise shipping schedule if a different courier is to be selected. LBC shipments are normally scheduled on Mondays, but there is no guarantee this will be followed due to physical restraints caused by our physical condition. Should an unexpected health issue befall the managing team and cause a delivery delay, we will drop the delayed shipment(s) at an LBC branch within 7 working days of informing the client(s) about item completion. Tracking the status of the delivery is the responsibility of the client and any incidents regarding delivery is to be dealt with by the client with the respective courier they selected.

Payment Policy

We accept bank deposits and online funds transfers via BPI, BDO and GCash. We are also open to receiving payments through PayPal, but we charge an additional 5% interest to cover additional PayPal fees. Clients can opt out of paying the additional 5% by selecting “transfer to friends and family” upon their PayPal transfers.

Item Completion

We offer both handmade and casted pieces of jewelry. Casted pieces are often readily available and can be sent to the client in a span of 7 to 10 working days. This period is present for us to make modifications needed or requested by the client including resizing and replating. Handmade items are labor-intensive projects that need more time for competion. The amount of time to produce a custom piece will span from 1 to 2 months depending on the complexity of their piece. These timeframes may change depending on several factors including, but not limited to, staff attendance, unexpected or fortuitous events such as calamities and emergencies and the ongoing amount of projects carried by our smiths.

Custom Orders

Once the order form has been filled up and finalized, the client is allowed 48 hours to send any revisions or request a refund of their down payment. After this time, we can no longer process any refunds as the down payment will become part of our revolving fund which is used to procure materials and compensate our smiths for their work.

Return Policy

It is the client’s responsibility to inform us of any corrections that we may have made in their finished piece. If it’s confirmed that we have committed the error, clients are free to schedule a time and date to return their item to us. As it is our error, we will cover all labor and shipping expenses.

Gemstone Curation

We give clients who choose to customize their own pieces an opportunity to select their own gemstone for their desired piece. Following this, we observe a strict no return/no refund policy for gemstones chosen by our clients. If the client insists on having their stone exchanged, we can select a new gemstone for the client at their cost. All labor and courier fees will be covered by the client.

Replating, Repairing, Resizing and Polishing

It is the responsibility of the client to reach out to us if they need these additional services. Service fees vary depending on various conditions including, but not limited to, current gold and supply prices, type of gemstone, ring size, weight of piece and the extent of damage on their piece. Standard delivery terms will be followed.

Tarnishing and Discoloration

Silver items and gold plating naturally rub off and undergo tarnishing over a period of time which may cause discoloration. This also is the case for gold items when they are stored for an extended period of time in damp places. The client agrees that they are aware of this process and will not hold us liable in the event that this natural process occurs. The client is free to consult with us regarding replating polishing to remedy the tarnishing. All replating and polishing terms apply.

Design Limitations

It’s the client’s responsibility to give the complete information we need to execute their piece of custom jewelry. This information includes, but is not limited to, measurements, dimensions, pictures or  a sketch of their desired design in all angles. And it is our responsibility to inform you if any aspect of their design is not possible to produce. Changes may be done to the client’s desired design in the event that information may be lacking or if it’s needed to ensure the design’s feasibility. These changes or modifications will still follow the client’s peg, but will depend on the smith’s interpretation of the design.

Price Variations

All prices are subject to change depending on current prices of raw materials, gemstones and especially gold. Due to this, there is not much we can do to control price changes. All items sold at their marked price is final and are not subject to refunds or discounting. Estimate prices sent to clients are subject to change as well depending on the mentioned factors.

Natural Gemstones

Due to market limitations, we are not able to fully disclose all the information regarding the characteristics or the properties of a curated gemstone. Certain natural gemstones may change in color during the production due to the high temperatures involved in the process of crafting a new piece. This permanent color change is the same phenomenon seen during “heat treating,” which is a typical process used to improve the color of a gemstone.